Calling from the Small Blind

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Although there’s some good news associated with playing the blinds, the bad part is that you would be losing money in the long run. This is the case for everyone, no matter how good are their skills in playing poker. The reason behind it all is the position. You can make your move last, before the flop. If you do this, then you would have to do the same for the other three rounds in the poker game. That is not always the case. If you are the first to make a move, you will not be able to know if someone will raise if you bet, or bet if you check. Another thing you can not know is whether every player will be in the pot with you. All this unknown information is very important in a poker game. If you have no idea on what type of hand your opponent has or how good it is, there is no point in playing, it will be extremely difficult to make your best move.


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