The Art of Bluffing

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Have you ever heard the adults in your family say the word “bluff” or “bluffing” when they play poker? If you have then you might wonder what the two words actually mean. The terms “bluff” “bluffing” and “bluffers” are related to the game poker. Poker is a pretty well-known game around the world and in the United States of America. Many people think that the game initially originated from the United States but the fact is that it really didn’t. Poker was around way before people in the “wild” west were introduced to the game. Poker has many strategies involved that can help a person win or intimidate the other player(s). Bluffing is one of these strategies.

The terminologies “bluff” and “bluffing”, in simple words, mean “lie” and “lying” respectively. If a person is bluffing, they are being dishonest and aren’t telling the truth. Lying is considered to be a sin but when it comes to poker, bluffing is an art that initially started off side by side with the game. Conmen have expertise in bluffing and often use it to their advantage as seen in television movies and multiple television shows. If a person bluffs, they simply lie about something and if we talk about poker, regardless of the type or variant of poker, when a person bluffs, they lie about the cards they have in their hand to intimidate their opponent(s) and strike fear in their heart(s). It might seem to a person that bluffing isn’t all that hard but believe me when I tell you that bluffing is certainly no piece of cake. When bluffing, a person must be fully convincing and so dominant that the other person can’t even tell that they’re actually bluffing. Bluffing can give a person an edge over their opponent(s) when playing poker, no matter any type or variant.

While bluffing, confidence is the key and whatever the person says, they should back it up with determination and confidence. They should be so confident and convincing that the opponent simply falls apart when they notice their statement. If a person has a lousy 2, 5 and 5, they can change that into three aces, virtually, by simply bluffing about it with confidence and surety. The main reason for a person to bluff is to gain an advantage over their opponent and make them fold, instead of getting on with the game. That means that the opponent(s) submit to the person bluffing and accept the fact that they have lost. Bluffing can have a number of advantages which include the benefit of you being more fearsome to your opponent(s), the opponents breaking down and the opponents letting their guard down. Many world class Poker players bluff about their hand and that also leads them to victory in most cases. The only thing a person needs to worry about is the fact that they don’t give their bluff up and don’t mess it up. They should have the utmost confidence when they bluff about their hand or else, they will simply fail.

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