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Spotting tells in a live game is always easier than trying to read someone you can’t see.

While playing live you can read your opponents quite easily. The shaky hands, the clenched jaw, the guy who practically leaps out of his seat. And also if not so evident, looking deeper you may find subtle differences in their body language and actions depending on their hand strenght.

When playing online you are left without those really obvious tells, so in order to read your opponents, you must always be vigilant for the finer details.

But deciding for example whether you are up against two pair is not as tough as it sounds, and you do not need much special powers for doing that either. Just study the flop that took place. The chances of one opponent earning two pairs are larger with a flop like 10-9-7 or J-10-9 than with a flop like J-6-3. The reason behind that is this: most of the poker players play consecutive cards, like 1-2-3. It is also the reason why some skilled players, expecially in good position, try to play totally random cards. These random selections can be J-6 or 6-3. In this case it’s highly likely to win the pot and take home a huge pot.

If you are planning a bluff, you should take count of all the opponents in the field. More the opponents, less the chances that your bluff will succeed. If you are trying to bluff with six or more players, it is just a waste of time, and you would look like a fool to others. If you hit a flop, and missed it, then one of the other opponents will have picked it up, and they would probably call your bet. However, if you are playing with two or three players, it would be rather easy to carry out a bluff and take the pot home. Never carry out a bluff near the beginning, always study your opponents first. Skilled players easily recognize a bluff. Just don’t give your money as a gift this night.

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